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Boots that attack when move don’t trigger Reflect damage or other when hit things

Any hero’s boots that deal out an attack when they move are NOT subject to Reflect damage or when hit debuffs. Specifically Nayelli’s Owl trinket that when she gets hit applies a miss chance. This most often acurrs with Farideh rare boots that give a random ranged attack. Although it does also happen with Halbenet epic boots as well. This is compounded even more with Farideh vs Nayelli as Farideh as a yellow Skilled type and has Archetype advantage over Red Nayelli making it a ridiculous unfair match up. Not only does Farideh do more damage from archetype advantage Farideh’s can’t be subject to miss chance from owl or Have any damage reflected back so if it gets down to 1v1 Nayelli vs Farideh 2 pieces of Nayelli gear are completely nullified by Farideh’s that just Move and deal massive amounts of damage with no repercussions. No one reports this cause they wanna abuse it. Everyone knows about it cause when they see a Nayelli with reflect damage and Owl trinket they stop doing normal attacks and just move for the random ranged attack. Counter attack doesn’t seem to get ignored from move random attack gear. Pikels reflect damage Legendary weap is also nullified by Boots with random attacks when move… Not sure if move attack gear can dominate from Pikels when hit dominate trinket with it being 50% and subject to resistance it’s hard to tell but I suspect that the move attacks also aren’t getting the when hit trigger. Please investigate and fix if this is also the case.
Fix your buggy game please. Play your buggy game once in awhile please.

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Please Fix boots that have move attack abilities so that they trigger opposing hero’s when hit abilities like reflect damage, miss chance and dominate. It’s a bug that people exploit in PvP regularly.

Hey Blazenkks, your feedback regarding this was forwarded to our team. Thank you!

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