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Bored from the game


I’m at a point where I’ve lost interest in even playing, even the strike events are very uninteresting to me anymore.

Tournaments are a major turn-off (overall PvP is here). What can one do to stay interested? Or is it a pointless effort?
RNG is something that really makes or breaks a game, and I feel that the repetitiveness of this style of game makes RNG that much worse.

There are no real quests or goals in the game. Those little ones that Ludia added are pathetic with no real challenge or reward for completing them. No hidden mysteries or easter eggs to discover. Player interaction is horribly broken via Alliance.

I’ve just run out of patience for something that doesn’t satisfy anymore.



Same here.
Spawns seem to be nerfed.
RNG has incredible swings.
Useless dinos in spawns and incubators.
I’m at the point where I’ve hit a wall, without spending real cash or taking public transportation to collect DNA, it feels like I’m at a standstill.

There is no joy in this like there used to be.

The only plus is the strike towers, and they are either too long or too sporadic.


I agree with everything the above two have said

Plus games getting quite annoying with all the new glitches


What a gloomy thread. I think you guys are expecting a little too much from a mobile game. I agree with the RNG problem and of course, the glitches, but it’s a great game in general. And it’s still in its first year. There’s much to improve.


FINNALY SOMEBODY SAID IT! I cant Even believe on how many people are overreacting to the pvp or the quest it self. It is repetitive and boring. I cant even play in the arena without hesitation, not because of the enemy but the RNG. Like alot of people its all dodges and crits and even stun. It wheter ur lucky or not. I mean this is the only game that has a system wheter u stun your opponent or not even in 75% stun. Basicly lying to your face.

I dont know i dont even care anymore i will still play just not as much as i used too. The markets a rip off and the rng is annoying. I know it cost alot of money to hire professional programmers to change it. But if theyre not gonna do anything about i just dont care and will move to another game. Like the new wizrd wolrd thats comming up.

Its a game and in the end of the day. If its boring. I wont play and will forget about it very fast.


Weird how it’s always the same people saying their quitting yet here we are months later and here you are still saying it


When did I say I was quitting?


I gotcha fam.

Android: Settings–>Apps–>Jurassic World Alive–>Uninstall

iOS: Tap and hold JWA icon until it wiggles–>click the X–>confirm uninstall


No they only want to improve what benefits them

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You can do the same for Android! Hold shortcut and voilaaa uninstall

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Although i wasn’t really talking about you since I’ve never seen you post stuff like this before that if you’ve lost interest in playing then that’s kinda quitting


I feel confident in saying that our forum is quite cynical (checks the titles of half the threads on here)

Progress takes patience.
In the mean time, be merry :santa:t4:


Progress?? You must be joking! They introduce raptor scents, BOOM! Nerf raptor spawns. Introduce alliances, BOOM! Nerf all spawns. Glitches since game started, not even touched. One glitch that just might affect their wallet, fixed in 48 hours. But hey, we have ribbons on supply drops and snow on dinosaur-eating strike event bases. So I guess there’s that…


It doesnt help when you get 3 strike towers to do, and each one is full of level 6 creatures. I understand that all the peeps that started yesterday need something to do, but dang.

Lets be honest though, once you lose interest in PvP, (for whatever reason), there isnt much to fall back on content wise.

I think the main problem is that the devs took the super easy cookie cutter route when creating all the dinosaurs. My Rex is an exact cookie cutter clone of yours. So is every Dino I have.

Maybe if Dinos had individual stats, (IVs) it would keep people interested a lot more in the only 2 activities that there is to do in this game. Find Dinos and fight them?


I think people forget this game is not even 7 months old.

Annoyed by strike towers? … don’t do them
Annoyed by alliances? … don’t join one
Annoyed by tournaments? … don’t battle
Annoyed by spawns? … don’t hunt

All these problems have simple solutions…
but constructive and actionable feedback can help the developers make the game better.

The best solution IMO if you’re bored/frustrated:
Just put the game away for a little while. The fresh air just might help change your perspective (and priorities).


When this game started we had dna collection and battles. Now 7 months later we have tournament’s strike towers and seasonal content if you’re bored of the game maybe give it a while and see what other things are added in the next seven months


I am finally at a competitive level (currently ranked 350) and I am having more fun than ever. VIP cancelled and just steady battling.


The fun part of the game is battling for me. This game is meant to be competitive so of course people are gonna go the rng route, and there isnt much you can really do besides change up your team and strategies.
I do find myself playing PoGo a lot more lately when it comes to walking around. The spawn nerf has really made the game boring to me in a major way. I used to see up to 5 epics in one day and now im lucky to even see one. I hope this changes

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Everything seems to be okay.
From battling, dino spawns and 10s per fuse.

The LB is too competitive? Battle in the lower arenas.
The spawn rate of dinos are nerfed? We can always buy DNAs from the store. Just get your CC ready.
10s per fuse? It balances the game. Be patient. You’ll eventually get to unlock the dinos in 2.5 years time… or 7

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When I first downloaded the game, I thought it was just about collecting dinosaurs. I said to myself “Cool! I like dinosaurs”! Then, when I had the battle tutorial I thought it was only against bots and didn’t even care! I only realized they were online battles (and how fun they were) after three or four days of just hunting DNA. NEEWB! :joy:

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