Bored... so does this work?

does this work

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Nope, too much damage output

This one does. Forgive, I didn’t get to adding pictures of Hadros and the minions yet.
This came from one that used Thor and Mortem but since I don’t have Mortem, I used 2 Thors. This one is simple compared to Gorgo where I had to use a strategy with 16 turns for the creatures I had.

it wont work

Probably too much damage (lower attack values might work)
Also Gemi can’t even have 3k attack

yeah 10 char

to much damge and damage boosts. would kill hadros to quick every round.

i misclicked meant to be 2k

2k for gemini

the two thors worlks alao a thor and mortie and indo2 toruo works IF the thor is faster than the mortie