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How are we all doing?

I’m incredibly bored. I have zero matches to talk to. And even the ones that are reappearing don’t really keep my interest because they only seem to last a day or two before they get sent away again for lord knows how long.

One is gone mia in jail :sob::sob::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart: (I’ve yet to recover from that one)
One is off somewhere on a secret mission.
Another just left for a new job…
My single dad fell off a cliff.
My artsy friend is off painting something…
I honestly don’t care where my time traveling friend went.
My tattooed pal (who is covered according to him. His pics tell a very different story) went home to his ex? And must have fallen off the cliff with my single dad pal.
Don’t care what happened to my computer generated whatever. Or the half horse guy. :woman_shrugging:t2:

And the lost goes on. There are some that I’d like to see where the story goes but others I honestly can’t even remember their story at this point. The breaks are too long. And too often. And I’m bored.

I think I’ll take back my hopeful $10.

Anyone playing another game that’s interesting? I need something new I guess.


I think we feel the same. :frowning:

These weeks I have been thinking to open a post to talk about these kind of things but somehow I thought: why? T.T but I’m glad you just wrote this.

I have zero matches as well and I used to talk all day about this game and some of my matches to my boyfriend. When the VIP was released I bought it without hesitating and bought Gems too (I got now almost 6K) but suddenly… there is no content.

The mods said that there were gonna be an schedule of updates and I thought these VIP things would be something good because it means that more matches would come but nope.

All I see is that there are less effort every day and less content. :frowning: Also at least I feel like they are doing some weird things to the stories of some matches and I dunno why… I miss some of them so much, mostly Austin T.T. I was ready to buy all the gems that were needed for his story.

Anyway, sadly don’t know where this will go but in case I can recommend here some games I’m now playing: Maybe, Chapters (from time to time), Love 365 and jsut started today Ikemen Revolution.


If you want something to keep the romance alive while you wait for your favourite matches to return, Lovestruck is very good.

The stories are well written and often exciting. They have some imagination so there are magical and fantasy stories, crime stories, sci fi stories, etc.

In fact the stories are so much fun that the sexy bits are kind of just a bonus. You do have to pay for hearts , which are the currency for premium choices, though.

Other than that I’m enjoying a Warhammer game and a fun Lara Croft game, both on mobile. I’m a little in love with Lara so was happy to find that and it’s not a cash grab either.


Oh god, I just wanted to say here, about that I found a game called Swiit Crush and it is a total copy of this game but with more realistic characters. XD Just wanted to share it since we were recommending other games but this one is a total copy of lovelink lol


Oh MeChat is worse- they even clearly lifted story ideas, and even pictures :flushed: but the writing is terrible in comparison… So, so bad. Some of the stories are straight up unreadable.


Oh my god, they have no shame xD I have to try MeChat to at least laugh a little bit… I always find fascinating how people copy things, they do it worse and they do even dare to publish it T.T

:mag: :eyes: @keeem and @kourtney this is some “suspicious app-tivity”!
We’ll have our people look into these two! :male_detective: :female_detective:


Thank youuu :stuck_out_tongue: and good one with the “app-tivity” :stuck_out_tongue:

The dialogue was awful and you’re right, they copied virtually every character from Lovelink.

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Don’t mind us searching for games to keep ourselves occupied while we wait for people to return from Lovelinks basement :male_detective:t3:

I have no idea how you can publish things without editing! Or how people can stand it. I guess I’m a grammar snob :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Is it swiit crush?

yup yup that one!! Have been using it until Lovelink gets some updates but it’s terrible T.T

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It is so frustrating the lack of communication from Ludia tbh. We need more info about our guys and girls. When are they coming back? How long are they coming back for? When will we get new matches to make? So many questions and NO answers at all - it’s disheartening tbh