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Boredom meta

Between flocks, swap-ins, and now Testacornibus and its stupid constant healing… now the arena is not just stupid, but it’s boring too. Have a flock or the turtle deer chip away at the opponent until you can swap in your cheap shot. yawn

Oh yeah, grypolith too. There’s a thrill a minute creature to battle. :roll_eyes:



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Testa is actually pretty easy to deal with if you can deliver more damage than it can heal!

And the flocks can be dealt with by using Vulnerability, bleed, and group attacks


Which is sadly easier said than done, with how few and far between good fierce dinos are in this game :frowning:

We went from resilients overpowering cunning, to resilients overpowering fierce!


And there is the problem right there…

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What about Rending? That can deal more damage than the creature that’s delivering it

That can counter Testa

Any armor breaker could do it. But as I’ve said in other threads, the main problem is not exactly countering it. The problem is that when you do have your counter, the opponent can swap to something good against that counter. Usually Scorpio3… Or testa can hit you once, then swap to a freakshly boosted Cera (and Testa is immune to swap prevention).

Then when Testa comes back after your counter is dead, that’s it, cause nothing that ain’t good against the deer, has any hope of beating it, or even weakening it for a next creature. Other tanks you can weaken even with a creature that ain’t good against them, by hitting over and over. But not Testa.


I have felt this so much lately, but with other dinos (Testa isn’t very used in my area of Gyrosphere - yet). Like I’ll get my Grypo selected, pit against Ceramagnus, and bam, in comes Hadros. I shouldn’t have to rely so heavily on one dino in my team like this.

Yes, that’s been the reality of arena for a while, especially when SR3 came… But now they managed to bring it to another level with the update.

That’s why I finally quit after 3 years. PvP has gotten increasingly worse over last year with swap-in meta. Current update and lack of boost reset sealed the deal for me.

I think Ludia’s become more interested in avg time spent per player in game (key KPI metric) vs making the actual PvP arena strategic and fun like it used to be (pre draco, pre boosts, etc) Making Testa OP was by design to increase battle time length for higher avg time spent per user. Same with Grypo prominence, nerfing stalling creatures counters, etc. Not sure about anyone else, but I didn’t have 10 minutes to play one match for an incubator…


Spinoconstrictor could be used for those guys…

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Hey how do I make that effect? lol

If your talking about the blur, when making a comment or something, highlight the desired text/image you want to blur, then click the little gear icon, and select Blur Spoiler

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[sp0iler]This text will be blurred[/sp0iler]

Like that but change the zeros to the letter O

Hadn’t noticed. Thanks

Nah, Resilients have always been overpowering Fierce. The issue now is it’s got worse in some cases.


A lot Dino’s actually lost their uses due to this update. Such as Dio, can’t slow anymore.

Literally nothing can do that, not even Mortem on turn 1 if testa has full health… you really have to play around it to beat it like that…

And vulnerability and bleed are also useless on flocks, cause with vulnerability you kill one of them at the time anyway and they all have some sort of cleanse against bleed…

So, I agree that this is a very boring meta, matches take forever and then you lose anyway, cause flocks and the deer are ridiculously OP now, almost forgot to mention Skoona, like what the actual hell were they thinking…

Anyway, I see testa against me, have no morty in the match, press the yawn emoji and close the game… it’s not worth my time dealing with that deer with no chance of winning…

Yep. I’ve been saying this for a while. It’s blatantly obvious that they’re chasing the “time spent in game” metric with the current state of the arena, plus overlong raids full of unnecessarily long animations and counter-attacks. Have you seen Haast Maximus’s rocket alert?