Boring game

Game is getting boring, players always use the same dinos, i lost a lot of trophies to vary and play with more dinos, the game needs a drastic change.

Sounds like you made a poor decision. If you enjoyed running different dinos you understood would give you less chance of winning what exactly are you complaining about?


Drastic Change: [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5

Stop playing it then

Funny, game feels healthy to me. I see different Dinos in the arena now and as time goes on strategies now have room to evolve.


Not that I am a guru on this game, but I think you do can use different dinos to battle if you enjoy this way, or take advantage of facing always the same dinos by create your own line with all the counter ones… But your post is too skimpy I am not able to help you. If you want us to help you (or understand your point of view) feel free to put here your deck and what kind of dinos you are facing…

I also think this update is the best so far, draco gen2 kamikaze SIA, DoT, tanks not Arena God anymore with Superiority Strike nerfed…

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I think this is a problem when you buy-in to reach higher levels, you’ll just get stuck and not move, and see the same dinos all the time, and kill the game for yourself. It’s a much more organic experience as F2P as you work your way up the levels, you earn your progress and meet a huge variety of dinosaurs. Remember this game isn’t about being the highest level, its about enjoying taking part. Like @SaraCuriosa said try out/level up other dinosaurs, for a challenge don’t include any of the Indo-RNG-saurs (I think it’s more fun and less frustrating without). Don’t take it too seriously, have fun, it’s just a game. If you’re that bored with it, stop whining here and just move on! GL HF

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Until this last version is true that the battle dino in the 4000-5000 level were almost always the same (stegodeus, Tragodistis, Indomunus rex, Indoraptor, spinotasuchus, Monomimus, …) but the latest version has provided variety even if way a little strange (more “teethers”, Dracorex Gen 2, Thoroladosauro, …). This has made the battles less predictable and I have lost battles that I took for won and won battles that I took for lost.

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I would agree with the OP.

There really isn’t a whole lot going on with this game right now. Dart dinos and fight them, rinse, repeat.

It IS fun for what it is, so not saying its a bad game or anything, but yeah…gets boring at times.

Would be nice if they would add some new content or even some stuff we could play from home once in awhile. Besides the broken and boring arena that is.

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Ludia work very hard to consistently add new content. However currently the moving of the spawns and dulling down of variety when you go out hunting has made it too boring to even venture out, unless you want two million majungasauruses. Moving the good ones to parks was one of their big mistakes. I’m not motivated with the current variety to go out hunting more than one or two days a week. What a pity. I was having so much fun.

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The game has a terrible mechanic in random team rolls that I dont see in any other turn-based battle game, and people defend it by saying everyone would just use the same dinos if it wasnt random, hang on isnt that exactly what we have now? Frankly arena is a chore at this point; it’s a pure rng-fest where you just have to pray and get lucky your team counters theirs because if its the other way around you’re done. Also pray you dont get stunned or crit at a bad time because if you do no amount of skill will save you you just got to hope you get luckier.

they give us new content, but dont fix the blatant bugs. They claim they’ll fix them in big updates like they’re cool new features we should wait for not fixes to problems in their games, and then they dont even fix them. So the speed and damage indicators dont work, dinos still spawn unobtainably inside of strike events, Long Invincibility still bugs out strike events, and arena matches still bug out and load for one person but not the other. Hardly ‘consistent’.

Take a break from it and play it later… or just delete it!

except it’s hardly even fun for that. Spawns have been rubbish since the update and arena hasnt been fun since the lower arenas. It’s an endless parade of the same dinos and completely determined by rng and chance. I guess if that’s what you enjoy; fine. For me; it’s just a chore to get the dna for the only thing I actually enjoy; collecting the dinos.

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Now you are speaking my launguage