Boring meta

What is sad, that this update changed nothing in the meta at the lvl where i am i feel like it never happen, never saw any ptero in battle (alankylosaur only and this is another pissing Dino which made indominus useless crap), there are only stegodeus, monomimus, and thanks to the event indoraptor everywhere… Never saw in battle any swap in abillity (exept Alankylosaur) which was supposed to change the way of playing, this meta is boring, sometimes i wish i could start from 0 but regret all these wasted sanity in sorna marshes and now in low jurassic ruins. I wish there was a NO HYBRID TOURNAMENT, this would be soo cool


Agreed. When the game started it was all about Raptors - which I never had a problem with and I never understood the complaints. Then it seemed to go stun spam which made battles boring. Now, it’s all invulnerability, shields and nullify to make things even more boring.

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