Boring shields. NOT! (Creature file #182)

What a boring shield. Just Kidding. I got a new creature ready for the new creature file. Today creature is… Borealopelta. Please welcome this creature.

Rarity: Epic

Health: 4350

Damage: 1040

Speed: 112

Armor: 30%

Critical: 5%


Superior Vulnerability

Distracting Shield

Decelerating Rampage

Passive: Swap in Invincibility

Resistance: 100% Vulnerable

Possible hybrid: Borasarchus, Fuse with Borealopelta and Andrewsarchus

Rarity: Legendary

Health: 3240

Damage: 1050

Speed: 114

Armor: 30%

Critical: 40%


Superior Vulnerability

Cleansing Impact

Rending Takedown

Distracting Shield

Passive: Decelerating Counter, Swap In Invincibility, and No Escape

Resistance: 100% Speed Decrease, and Vulnerable

  • The name, Borealopelta, means “Northern Shield”.

  • The only fossil found was a mummified Borealopelta.

  • Borealopelta belongs to a family known as Nodosauridae.

Can you guess who this is?:

Do NOT click on the picture, and search it through any websites. I want to hear the answer from you.



That’s correct

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That is really good picture of the animals for the game.

Thanks. As always, trying to find the perfect image

Your welcome. I am trying to do the some way. You are trying to do

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Oh okay. Thank you. You trying to help me with this and I am the first person ever play this game on my phone before and I am trying to do my best

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I will let you know. I have it

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I love this thing, hope they add It to the game eventually

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Maybe. We don’t know yet

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It is will be soon.

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I can imagine

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Perhaps. We just don’t know

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