There are over 100 different dinos in this game but you only ever fight the same few over and over because there’s very little balance and most of them suck. Unless of course it’s a bot in which case you can enjoy getting stomped by a Gen 2 Dimetrodon purely because you’re lvl 15-18 and it’s lvl 30.

If it’s not a xxxRaptor or a Raptor-counter, you’re very unlikely to ever see it.

Velo, Utah and Pyro are all way OP for their rarity
Einiosuchus is better than every rare except Utah and easy as hell to power up to stupid (Velociraptor) levels.
Stegoceratops is a total beast for how easy he is to make.

Can you guys at least mix it up? The PvP is boring or bot-hell atm


I understand the use of bot to limit players progress, yes. Otherwise, with L20 rares and common we have no chance against a single L25 Erlidominus of the top ranked players.

But sometimes bots are just as insane. You are being matched against L25 bot acc after losing against L22 bot acc…

The issue here is how long does it take for us level up our dinos to L25. Or 30 for that matter. It’s not the issue of DNAs but coins needed. This particular issue actually stalled players progress - hard to level up dinos and player level too…




It maybe fair for those level 30 bots to face those with level 20 plus players… But for others not fair at all… Still is fun when you do take them out :wink: