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Boss battle (lvl30 ornitho , lvl30 raptor) AI is trolling


ornitho is spaming evasive strike and she dodges every single hit


How about some nullifying?


Get rekt, it’s called RNG


Just wait till it one shots your Allosino with a crit on IaR


Start with monostego and use nullifying. Then choose slowing impact as the AI swaps to velociraptor and you get the first 2 hits on him. Now you can stun if needed. Should be easy from there.


that was my strategy, except the AI never swapped to Velociraptor. it just used evasive strike and instant distraction.


I am 40 dna away from getting monostegotops , that would be in the squad ,i can’t find monolophosaurus.
But thx for the tip :wink:


Well i had shield on my tragodistis and the raptor only used Pounce when the shield gone :smirk: he used 2x the basic atack then pounce
Pretty smart AI