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Boss Battles are only for pros

Honestly I think that Boss Battles are only for people who are good, when can us little guys get some events? This game is feeling elitist.

I can agree, you also need to have friends that are good to.

Good to know that almost every player is a “pro” then


You can always do the sino raid. You have to start low and go higher and higher but it takes time. Do some research so you can know what creature to use in every raid. Sino can be defeated in 3 turns with 4 indom g2. There are a lot of strategies for every raid. Do some research. Higher raids are meant to be a challenge for higher players so they can have fun too.


We tested playing Morty with a level 15 eagle last night and coasted. Yes, you need an alliance with some good players but with a little organization anyone can beat the raids.


How did that go?

It was fun actually and we did it 1st try.

I dunno man.
L15 Indom G2 isn’t hard to get and it doesn’t take a lot of skill.
Just figure out what works.
There are low level strats for everything.
Even Morty.
If you really wanted it you would do it.

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Show me your ways

I know how to do 4 but not 2

Sorry for the delay, wasn’t sure if I was allowed to share it.
My leader said share the knowledge.

The 2 person isn’t a 100% success rate, but if you play with a significant other you can do it all day.
Credit to EazyFlowElbow and Checkmate of Reddit2.
They did all the experimental math stuff, I just annoyed them to finalize.


Boss Raids is nothing to do with being “good”.

I have played for 2+ years, and over that time i’ve collected dna and coins to get my Boss Raid dinos to where they are now.

How is that in any way consider being “good” or a “pro”.

All it requires is time, so the longer you play the more likely you have a better chance at beating bosses with other players.


It’s just like strikes. There are easy ones and more difficult ones. Levels for each player. Veteran players need a challenge and something they can’t just blow through. To get the best rewards you have to grow your player profile and dinodex to be able to beat harder things.


Don’t give up, I’m sure with the correct combo you’ll beat it no problem :wink:


Well over 2 years ago I remember going out and finding strike towers which offered considerable rewards back then. But as often as not I failed until my team got better and the satisfaction was immense as the weeks and months passed by.

After a couple of months I recall taking down my first epic incubator strike tower. Wow! I was so happy. There were no alliances back then, no tournaments either. You had to walk for miles and miles to gather the dna to get good. What we get in a week now would take a couple of months back then.

So if you can’t get some of the raid bosses now think on. It’ll be a great feeling when your team is good enough and you do get them. It took me 2 weeks to get Mortem for the first time and even then I needed three other good players to help me.


I have a lot of low-level players in my alliance, and many of them have expressed frustrations over the high entry barrier to raids. One even commented today “Are bosses even killable at all?” Even players around level 13 have trouble with Epic raids. Now I don’t think every player should be able to do every raid, but this is a game feature that most players lower than around level 15 can’t really do at all. Maybe having easier rare/common raids would give them something to do?

While I agree that it’s not easy to take Mortem down without a half decent Tryo at least, the other 3 aren’t that difficult if you have players with you that have the patience to get you through.

The low level players who haven’t got an irritator at 12 should make that their goal for the time being. That can usually get them through with 3 half decent teammates using Tuora, Maxi, Tryko, Tryo for Mammo and Smilo. And let’s face it Sino is almost possible after just a couple of weeks play if you have 4 players involved.

That’s true, but we have to remember that not everyone is at level 20, and not everyone reads these forums. So they may not know the right strategies to use. You can help your alliance and friends know what to do, but it’s often not enough. The entry level for raids is what, level 5 or something? If they’re going to make the level requirement so low, they should at least make some new easier raids so these players aren’t disappointed, just as there are strikes that are accessible to early-level players. There isn’t anything wrong with the difficulty of the existing raids though. The way I see it though, people are always worried that this game is dying. So if we don’t want it to die, we should want to make the game more accessible to new players, not less.

Pros means has Raid Brain?

I have had raids with top 10 players that go wrong because reasons. I had raids with the bottom few in my alliance and won.

Epic raid requires some sense of what works and if you wanna win you need to find people to coordinate some strategy. 4 Indom G2s is almost foolproof if you know basics like damage, what MF and Cloak do and when to do what.

If we are.talking about blind invites then yes raids are for pros and even then pros will lose those often if they have no Raid Brain.

I feel if you need help for Raids ask around. Find social media groups like Discord and Facebook besides the forums. Its a social event. I created a Raid Telegram group for my countrymen to help them clear all kinds of raids.


Think you need a different alliance possibly a way to communicate outside of the game

Every battle can be won by any level player except Mortem Rex. At least in my experience. You should be able to carry one low level in Smilonemys, and two in the others. Mortem Rex you at least have to be mid-twenties to have a shot.