Boss dna daily mission reset time

My boss dna daily mission reset time seems to be when I first created my boss.

Is there any chance this can be synced up to the daily mission reset?

Or adjusted in any way?



Sharing your feedback with our team! Thanks, Timmah. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just noticed that it had a deadline of 36 hours left to complete the bdna. I had already done 16 aquatic pvp in the morning when I noticed it. So I did another 30 Jurassic pvp. I will will finish up the other 35+ needed pvp by tomorrow afternoon. Interesting to see what happens when it times out.

It just starts a new cycle of missions.

My problem is I play in the morning and now, I would have to wait until later, at least on the first day, because I played later the Saturday I unlocked the boss.

Had I know this, I could have just waited a day to start the clock at a different time, but now, it is what it is. We have no control over it.

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I think mine refresh 6 hrs ahead of my daily missions refresh so a rebalance would be ideal.

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I had to fight with some smaller dinos to save some of my top dinos. But I was able get thru the 30+ pvp and pvp modded.

I guess it’s a warning for those not to unlock unless your ready to play. I don’t think it’s tied to the weekly calendar, as if it was, it would reset on Monday instead of Friday.