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Boss DNA Daily Objectives Reset

Had an issue today where my complete daily objectives counter was reset back to zero. Was wondering if anyone else had this issue. I had 18 objectives completed with only 7 to go to complete the challenge but when I logged into the game this am it was reset back to 0. With only 1 day 23 hours left in this round I don’t have enough time to complete another 25 missions. @Ned have you heard of anyone else having this issue?

Try contacting

I did, I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue…

I don’t have concrete proof that my objectives reset but I do know that I always have objectives left over on the day my boss missions reset so I can get a head start on the daily objectives for it. I decided to check to see if mine had reset and it shows that I only have 5 completed, even though my boss missions reset yesterday and I had some of the daily objectives for that day count towards the goal for these next 3 days. I have also only done 5 of today’s daily objectives.