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Boss event has disappeared with 24 hours left

The boss event has disappeared @Keith could you please help us with this issue


Hi Lora_Green, The team is checking as we speak.

It’s now back on my game. :v:t2:

Its not on my game

@Keith thanks for the quick response

Mine reset all of the missions…

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Mine is back and now all the missions are back is it okay to do them again

Do you mean daily missions ? Or the sdna missions

I had completed all 70 missions … now back to square one?!?!


This is where I am reset to. I had one damage mission left,

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Missions reset = more dna win win, it’s a shame cos I was near to completing the last damage mission but idm doing all the damage missions again lol


Also is there a reason why you guys complete every single mission? I just do min required for the sdna and the damage ones.

The other missions besides the damage just give puny amounts of dna and your times better spent on PvP if gaining dna is your goal.

Ludia really needs to give us an extra dna reward for completing all boss missions, until then it’s just for completionist satisfaction, not gonna throw 5 bucks to 40 dna here and there, might aswell do some modded or ceno PvP…

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I know for me it’s one of those where I am typically completing them on the way to the damage mission ones, and if I can clear off two or three at a time it’s a win win in terms of cost benefit.


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My missions also reset and I’m back to square one. Weird :grimacing:

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Mine has been reseted too

Normally I just do the damage and SDNA. This week I was vacationing and had a bunch of time to kill.

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