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Boss event levels

I have a question about the level of boss monsters. I know that the game has made it harder. I have a good team with good d gear all gear is 16 plus. My toons are 22 saar 21 Thomas 21 hal and 15 cor. I get toasted in the first rounds I have gone thru 25 keys to get 65 rooms. My team mate with the same set up but 1 level lower runs 8 to 10 rooms per key. Is the auto levelling to harsh?

My heroes are lv 19-20. I’m getting boss lev rising 19,20,21 first three rooms. Even with ac boost and block, the lava is instakill so I’m losing one or two heroes on second room most times.
I’m giving up on this raid and normally I’m the strongest in my guild with 200-300 rooms.
I believe the change is actually one related to the business model - It’s no coincidence that they are allowing gem entry to raids now.
It’s probably due to the life cycle of the game. It’s on the downward slope in terms of numbers so the remit now is to squeeze as hard as possible for funds…

45 keys spent to clear 81 rooms. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong

Leveling heroes in this game actually hurts you. My heroes used in the raid (Hal, Saarvin, Tommus, Cori) are level 17 (Cori is 16) and all their gear is level 15-16. I was able to clear 8-15 rooms per key, depending on when the sword drops occured. OP, your gear is close to the same level as mine, but your heroes are 5 levels higher so the raid scaling will be exponentially more difficult. If I could go back, I would leave all my heroes at level 15 and just increase their gear, otherwise the raids and rallies get way more difficult.

It’s a shame that the game penalizes you for leveling your heroes, but I think it’s a money-making scheme. Players think their heroes are more powerful the higher level they are, but then they get frustrated so spend real $ to improve their heroes, only to level them up too fast again and repeat the cycle.

As another example, I was in a battle against a player with level 9-11 heroes against my level 15-17 heroes. My gear is level 15-16 and I got my butt kicked. This wasn’t some cheezy dominate/stun/disarm battle either, the other player did crazy ammounts of damage and was one-shoting my heroes.

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You’re so lucky, my toons are level 13-14 and I manage just to do 3-4 rooms!

Agreed. The higher you level your characters the more difficult the game becomes. I have mostly level 18 toons with high level gear and get stomped on in events like Rallies and Raids.
I’ve found that if I bring along one low level newer character with me. Cor currently, it helps allot. I’m keeping her down at lvl 13. The game see’s her low level and gears down some for a few rooms.
If I had it to do again I’d have kept all my toons at 12-14 and just dumped all my money into gear.

I have lv 14 toons. I stopped levelling them ages ago. My first and only run, before I could do anything, Hal was dead. This is typical. My party was just wiped by 4 gnolls. Room 5 of underdark. Before the update, I used to challenge and beat the last mindflayer 50% of the time. Return to Harvestshield, 250 gems to have toons repeatedly die in the first room of the 3rd section. I stopped playing it as it was a waste of time and super unfun. So the conclusion: Every update makes the game more expensive to play, and less fun. They have a monkey paw. They ask it how to give the players what they want, then we get it. Please remember: you can always get more money. You can never get younger. If they refuse to fix the game, then maybe you should do something else with your time.

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