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Boss event rewards improved!

Ludia does listen. :relaxed:

The reward are no longer 45%/45% coins and food in all of the wheels.

Time for everyone to look again to decided if they want to play aGain.


I am glad for this

The way I see it, its still bad and not worth your time.

I imagine it is very difficult for people to hit the maximum prize wheel (Doom League) which is done by knocking out all 12/19/30 of the dinos the game faces us off with.

And what are the rewards for doing so?
88% of the time you get Food Pack/Coin Pack/LP/DB/BDNA.
2% for Platinum reward pack if I recall correctly. (Its either 2%/1%) [Assuming we even finish in Doom league, otherwise its Legendary Twins/Golden Rewards/Silver Rewards and such as the league you finish in keeps reducing]
10% for other creatures cards.

Basically 88% of the time you are going to get hit with stuff you dont require coupled with the fact its extremely hard to get to doom league and you can do the event only once per day (the fact you can do the event only once per day is extremely important - out of how many countless battles per day have you received a Rajasteja from modded pvp or how many days have you gone without landing one, just to put things into perspective) - The rewards are still extremely disappointing for its cost (30 DB) and I personally will not be doing it for any more than the SDNA it offers aka mindless clicking on attack to get through the battle as soon as possible.

I for one appreciate Ludia has heard our woes and made a change, but the required amount of change is faaaar lesser than what is actually required to make the event actually interesting or worthwhile our time.


For me they improved it wayyy more. It is far better than modded pvp speaking of prize wheel

Just did a battle and received 8,000 food for my 30 DB and 10 minutes of time.
Still bad, don’t think I will be doing it again.

I’ve been looking into how to play more efficiently with my time and only doing high value events and trades. This is still clearly not high value in terms of time or investment.

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it just takes too long to do the boss battles IMO. For that kind of time investment I want more. Combine that all with the cost and they suck in just about every way. 30 DB, you could do 6 normal PvP in probably about the same amount of time and get 6 better rewards.


@Subxero11 i agree with you 100%! The rewards for the boss events even though they have been updated are still not worth it in my opinion.
Hopefully with every update Ludia will improve them