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Boss Event Rewards

@Ned, @Keith, @Daven

As regular players (non-whales, non-h-word) start to unlock and play with the Omega 09 Boss, I would really hope you could ask the development team to revise the rewards for the Boss Events. Even at the highest levels, the Events have a 90% payout in food and coins, at the cost of 20-30 Dinobucks. That doesn’t make participating in Boss Events very worthwhile. In fact, it’s a horrible payout. The current rewards make using Omega only as a novelty. If Ludia wants this to be a viable part of the game’s future, please revise the rewards. Thanks.


I agree to this. I’ve played some of those Boss events, and except getting 40 DBs once I got all coins.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also very excited about having Unlockable Bosses but the rewards really aren’t an incentive to keep us playing the Boss events except for seeing it in Battle.

Also, the base creature prizes are all the ones locked without their events, which makes it seem to Post-Reshuffle players, like “you have a chance to earn some of these creatures but you must play Boss Events on end and even then beg your luck to get one of that”. Just my opinion, but I feel it just acknowledges that there are some creatures without unlock events but there’s no solid solution.


Agree 100%. I didn’t think I’d see something WORSE than the gyrosphere, but this is just a big waste of time and DBs for the amount of time it takes to do one of these events… just to almost certainly get a lame food or coin payout. So disappointing to add something new to the game… that is so pointless to actually compete in. I personally won’t be playing a SINGLE one of them unless they are changed. The only plus about them is that like the gyrosphere, I can just ignore them as if they aren’t even part of the game. If that changes and Ludia tries to force us to waste DBs on these by making them part of daily missions, I’m going to go from just disappointed, to serious annoyed.

And yes, I noticed as well that it seems to be a way to force players that got unlocks taken away from going through a TON of frustration in attempting to get them through this event instead, considering how many attempts you’d have to go through to get the copies you need. How discouraging to new players this must be.


You guys are talking this up so much I’m not upset I havent been racing to get this thing unlocked.


Yeah… Absolutely. First they lock them away, then have them behind DBs/Real Cash but not even for unlocks instead just ONE copy… As for Golden/Bronze/Silver Rewards too, their odds are not so great. Metriorhynchus, for example. Don’t think I’ve gotten a single one from any events. (Managed to max one from TH Collections). Now this.

This isn’t about unlock events, but still it hurts to see that they KNOW we need these creatures and yet they keep emphasising that “oh you want it? GRIND”. Less than 1% odds for a Rare… :confounded:


I definitely didn’t care a whole lot when I missed a few daily missions and fell behind. I’ll still try to unlock additional B-DNA, just in the hope that they fix the events to bring them more in line with the cost-value of PvPs. Maybe if someone doesn’t mind spending tons of time working through all the rounds needed on these, over and over again in the hopes of one of the rare decent prizes, but as someone that has a real life and job outside this game, it’s just not worth it. At all.


I’ll get it because my son wants to see it but its coming at my own pace. With the CoT freaking out and Ludia reducing the battles to 7, I unlocked that today and that’ll slow me down on completing daily missions.
I have to invest a chunk of time to get the tournaments done and the CoT’s so I dont play a lot outside of that unless I just need something to do. I havent needed anything to do lately with the holidays and work. The beast will come when the beast comes.

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I don’t do any of the code 19 I wish they would add a alternate task for those of us who don’t care anything about code 19


Amen. I just completed my first one today waiting for the TH to reset in almost 3 weeks.

And the way Code 19s are designed, someone playing as long as you probably gets VERY few of the easy 5-pt ones…making it much harder to learn to do them successfully vs. a new player. It never has made much sense to have this action game that requires so much skill and fast reaction time in the middle of a strategy world-building game. But like the gyrosphere…at least it used to just be something you could ignore.

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I have to agree with @Andy_wan_kenobi and others on this one. The unlockable boss feels like a novelty item versus an actual functional playable part of the game. Perhaps it’s because of where my game is at versus say someone that has recently picked up the game. I can go and do regular PvP or MOD PvP until my thumbs fall of because of the amount of creatures I have, it only costs 5/10 DB a match and while one type does have food and coins as prizes on the wheels they do not have a 90% chance of being landed on.

So I can either spend 20-30 DB on a boss battle with a shot at one prize with a 90% chance I am going to win coin or food:

and it is going to take the same amount of time as probably 2-3 regular PvP matches with a cost of 10-15 DB and a shot at 2-6 prize wheel spins with chances of food and coin only being 50% and actually a decent chance of getting something I can use:

Now I am guessing the unlock able bosses are not aimed at your long term players but fixing the the rewards for the length of the matches and cost would go a long way in not making this boss and possible future bosses just become park decorations like their former statues.

It’s also the one thing that you have introduced into the game that I am aware of that you can’t grind towards on your own schedule in terms of resources. Everything else in terms of resources if you are willing to put the time in, you can go grind for, but Boss DNA you are limited to Ludia’s schedule, I mean what better incentive for the boss battles than putting Boss DNA on the spin wheel of the boss battles. I guess technically the most recent SDNA would fall into this same category since it is only available via the missions as well but at least that is something that gets refreshed every day and as a paying member of VIP there is an incentive for that. The Boss DNA has no benefit for VIP members which seems odd.


At least 2 of the last 3 JWtG videos from Gaming Beaver had B-DNA as one of the rewards. Click those

I don’t think I got any B-DNA from the bottom video, but I could be mistaken.


I’m just thinking of the time it actually takes to complete a boss event when playing tactically, compared to standard PvP.

To knock out 12 creatures in the first boss event would be 4 times the length of a standard pvp match.

5 bucks reflects the prizes in standard PvP, 10 bucks reflects the prizes in modded, but 30 bucks for the majority of food and coin? Yeah I’m not getting it? :thinking:


The last video did not give any boss DNA for some reason, I think I got DB, Coin, and LP. On the first two I think I got DB, Coin, LP, and Boss DNA when I clicked the links previously.

The links used to be DB, DNA, and LP I am not entirely sure why coin was ever added to the links now instead of DNA.


Hey @Andy_wan_kenobi,
Thanks for the feedback concerning the Boss Events payout/rewards.
We’ve brought your request to the team. :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting the missing B-DNA link, @Sionsith & @Andy_wan_kenobi
We’ll take a look as well. :slight_smile:



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@Mary_Jo I agree my coordination definitely is not what it used to be I’m disabled so that’s why I don’t do the code 19

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So the event to knock out 12 opponents today I faced a gryposuchus in 3rd slot that could take out my boss in 3 hits, strange I see an increase in difficulty but not an increase in rewards?

Is this intentional to be more difficult as you level up your boss?

If that’s the case I will stop leveling up my boss from now and continue to save bdna for the next upcoming boss.

Adding to the fact that the AI pattern in this is very different from tournaments and PvE, the bots are very aware of what creatures they are, if they’re a herbivore they continue to block high and attack low, if they’re an amphibian they will reserve and attack with a full amount and theres been cases where I’ve thought I could combat this by defending high but it’s almost like they know what I’m doing and dont end up attacking…


@Lora_Green, are you still needing to complete Code-19s to unlock Omega or gain B-DNA? I may have a workaround.

When “easy” paddocks are going to escape (Commons, Rares), go ahead and try the Code-19. If you fail, send the team of creatures to bring them back into containment. The second time is a guaranteed success with lower rewards. You just have to be choosy with which creatures you allow to escape

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