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Boss event

Do you get rewards for the different level boss you get to?.

Well,at level 7 and level 10 some S DNA,other than that there are the missions you see when you click enter on the boss.

You don’t get any rewards for beating the boss other than level 7/10 SDNA.

Do NOT beat the boss to death if you aren’t getting a direct reward for it.

Do just enough damage to complete the current damage mission. Once the damage mission get super high, have at it.

I was lucky enough to get the block all attacks 8 times while on boss level 1 still (I had cleared 4 other missions first).

On level one, that isn’t too bad. I took out my best Savannah and got it done in one battle. Lots of dancing still.

If I had given the boss the smack down I could have, the Boss would have been much higher for that mission.

You’ll have time to do the damage mission. Use your weaker dinos in the beginning to get the other missions.


Do enough to contribute to the community.

I think you should re-read my comment.

I’m NOT saying don’t do lots of damage.

I’m saying knock out as many damage missions on the lowest bosses possible. The missions quickly get to 10s of thousands of damage.

However, I guess if you suffer from a terribly small line up that you have to pick between the two…


This is almost the exact advise I give in my video that will come out later today. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


I need to wait for my Cenozoic line up.

I know,all I meant was to the people who do not grind Boss events for DNA that at least participate to be a part of the community

I’d just amend it slightly to making sure not to leave ALL the damage to the end if you don’t have lots of savannahs to use. But otherwise yes, do as little damage as possible while working the missions.

Very tired !!!


You deserve better rewards,there was a time when you used to receive 500 Bucks for 300k Damage and then 1 million damage could give around 3000 bucks.


Need to save at least 10 missions for each day, otherwise you are missing out on SDNA potential rewards.


Ok !!! Tomorrow I will gradually do mission.

Sinosith when I finished the mission(except damage mission). Can I quit the game and doing mission again for that rewards ?

He/She already completed 101mission, so there is no chance to receive the 10 missions rewards for this boss event any more. Or do is miss something?

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Nope, he’ll miss out on the rest of them.

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If you do what I’m suggesting you’ll complete 1 damage mission per battle, be on Boss #3 by the time you get the 25K damage mission.

It is more so about managing the first 5 battles, and more or less dying instead of destroying the first 3-5 bosses depending on the dinos you bring.

I don’t think delaying damage in 5 battles will put anyone at any significant deficit.

Oh I misread that then… I don’t complete them at all through the earlier levels if possible. The longer you wait to let the boss get to higher levels, the better. With 100+ missions there’s plenty of time to start knocking them off later.

How do you do 8 attacks of 5 points without killing the boss?

Do you try to time it to when the boss will block?


I drop in the lowest level dinos I have, like a level 1 common. Use a meat shield up front to save a points, swap in a low level guy for a 5 attack. If this pairs with a “use 9 whatever’s” the better.

Or wait till later and use something with a big health pool and weak attack. Apatosaurus and a couple hybrids fit this category.

The worst are the “block all attack points x times” ones.