Boss ideas

If anyone wants a boss I can make them but only for round 1 if you guys have boss ideas you can share them here also

so as in raid boss ideas?

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Parasaurolophus Lux raid boss.


Well using jwa toolbox making round one with minions (optional)

Any minions?

Ok I’ll do that
I’ll start with the grylenken with most likely a baryonyx g2 or irritator g1 for the minion
For the testacarbinus I might do a rendering minion and a speed minion if you can think of a different minion instead of rendering minion I’d love to hear it

I didn’t know what to do for the stats so what you can do if you want is put parasaurolophus lux to lvl 19 and the health and damage stats times those by 4

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I have finished them
For the grylenken put lvl to 18 and multiply lvl 18 stats by 4 same with baryonyx g1 but put its lvl at 17
Edit:Got testa part one and instead of a speed increase minion I did a distracting/dodge minion

Testa at lvl 22 then divide by 0.4
Dienoneychus lvl 21 stats then divide 0.4

Echo boss,

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Ok I’ll do that now

I’ve got it done and for the stats put it at lvl 9 then multiply by 0.7

Edit: there got a the current requests finished on my first day on the forums

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I mean the description said you can also share your raid boss ideas

So troven boss

raid stats


Shield minion and Irritator minion

Ankyntrosaurus boss