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Boss in last battle of the sDNA PvE

There is a boss in the last battle of the sDNA PvE the game just boots me, guess there is no way to finish this now?

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Let me guess it crashes your system?

If so then I already created a thread on it earlier this week and it was said to have been fixed.

If it’s not that bug then you might not get to complete your event.

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sounds the same. I thought they said they fixed it too

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are you on version 1.54.18?

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dunno, i’ll have to look, don’t updates normally just push through

no it’s .16 where do i get the . 18 i went to the store and didn’t see an update available. On a kindle fire hd 10

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How do I get the latest update?

There was something about the latest update not being available on Amazon,yet…


Thanks for the heads up Andy

Here was the post