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Boss is missing

For some reason, it isn’t letting me post at all on the weekly schedule thread, so I’m doing it here

The boss seems to not be showing up!

Pretty sure it doesn’t start for anther few hours. Or maybe the battle menu is too full because of rare unlock week.

Sometimes they could leave events a mystery and the boss event could be an example.

do not worry, it was the same for the titano and dilo league or another league …

Where’s the tournament and the boss event it isn’t appearing on my game screen

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For what? The Eryops?

yeah no eryops or boss for me too, I could have done a few battle by now

Open and close the game. When your game is on when the clock over happens some events don’t show up yet.

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Will try that later now I have no time!

Hey Dimetrocarnus, please let me know if you are able to see the event boss now. :slight_smile:

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I foresaw this!
But it’s fixed now

I haven’t looked at JWTG yet but I will now

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I can now!

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