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Boss plans :)

Here are few of my boss plans for the 2021

this are only a few proposals
all bosses are at level 26

Alpha raptor release date: 4 of september 2021

titanodexus release date: 6 of november 2021

beta rhino release date: 14 of march 2021

pterodex release date: 28 of january 2021

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How bout a giant indoraptor

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Wow that is really cool

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Yeah I can’t wait to see those.

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why is everything on the 4th???

wow super idea only i thik is like a litlle bit wthout sense, because there is also a boss indoraptor

now beta rhino has definite strike

I’ve tried to make that

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i really dont know i put only random days

it could be very good like last campain boss

Thank you

Ten char

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