Boss Raid spawning is seriously flawed

More than once already, I’ve found Boss Raids spawning on top of Event Supply Drops. No big deal, just wait for the boss to move so you can select the event creature you’re trying to dart, right?


Even of the Boss has walked away, when I tap on the creature I want to dart, the Boss is selected instead. This happens regardless of distance; whether 100 m or 1 m away from the Drop, whether I’ve zoomed in our out all the way, the result is the same. It’s less annoying when you’re talking about common creatures that you can find more easily outside of Events, but when Bosses get in the way of a Rare or Epic that doesn’t show up often… well, I’m sure you can understand my frustration.

Isn’t there a way to make Bosses spawn somewhere where they don’t get in the way of Event Drops?

This^ All day this. I almost never have raid bosses in range anymore, and weekends are the worst. You have to have a car to get one have the time, and often the bosses are clumped together - multiple bosses in one small area - usually more than one of the same boss - and surrounding areas for quite a good distance there is NOTHING. Also, if I ever have any, it’s only for a short hour window or so in the middle of the night - like 3am. Then nothing for the rest of the day. I’m not the only one with this issue - it’s often hard to get a team together with a lobby in hand as all 4 of us do not have any withing range. This means we need to ping and ping and ping until someone can pass a lobby, which is a bugged process as it is. Top that off with the terrible friends list issues, as well ad the very limited number of people you can friend, it makes for a harrowing, lengthy process that takes way longer than is necessary.

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