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Boss Raids

Hey Ludia why? Why did I need friends to fight the Raid Boss. That is just stupid if I want to fight the Raid Boss by myself I should be able to. Hey Ludia the is a little thing called Covid-19 going around. Bad move releasing something that make people have to get together. Please fix it so people can fight the Raid Bosses alone.

The forum on people & your alliance member : allow us to introduces our selves. Trust me you cant defeat the boss alone

You can’t defeat the boss alone. but you don’t have to gather together in one place. You can invite your in game friends to help you out. Check out this thread. everyone here as posted their screen name and is accepting friend requests so there is more chance everyone can do a raid.


nah, if he wants to fight a 40,000 HP mammotheirum by himself with a single level 18 dino, let him :rofl:


Thank you. It is my choice

You can though. Just select your dino and start the raid. You’ll die in a heartbeat but you can start the raid with any amount of players.