Boss strategies (Megalosuchus, Wolly Mammoth)


You do realize that IIT has a delay right? That’s supposed to be GTS right?

Yeah, wrong icon. Thanks :wink:

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No problem. I’m about to do it myself, but with a much different strategy

Im going to try this strat:

Seems crazy, i know. But crazy enough that it just might work…

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Did it work?

And the counter attack?

i dunno
i couldnt try it bc i didnt have mega-kitty nearby
next time i will try it

We’ll try this Thursday

anyone wanna do mammoth raid today at maybe 11-11:30?

Here’s the 3-turn Thylacotator and Suchotator strategy in action.

Check out how close this was with one of the Thylacotators being at level 11!!

How to beat Woolly Mammoth Raid Boss in 3 turns


Awesome :smiley:

I have another strategy to defeat the Woolly Mammoth, we have done it with players who are not from my alliance and it has paid off: Brachiosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Ouranosaurus and Suchotator.