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Boss strategies (Pyrrit, Mammo)

I see some of You still playing some weird strategies so here are strats tested and working in 100%


what if i got my inostherium to 15? could that work

it would be outstanding, the requirement is literally 6.

How reliable is the pyri strategy? Any room for failure with crits and whatnot?

Nope, strategy will fail with Inostherium 15lvl

100% win, even if Pyrrit will hit all crits

Looking forward to trying the Mammo one out today thanks :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried that Pyrri strat but that Mammo strat works like a charm every single time :sunglasses:

Massive thank you and congrats for these! Used the Pyrri strat to great success. Will make sure to try the Mammo strat, although we have a few other strats for that :+1:t4:

This works! :scream: :scream_cat:
I know! Shocking!
Me, @Pradyun_Gaddam, @ExtinctBuckle22, and @Zachbob2.0 tried it

this works too!

Dinoboy’s strat works, but this one is more efficient, taking only 6 turns.

It works with ANY lvl pyroraptor. It takes 6 turns with level 11 unboosted ones. And… wait for it, wait for it… The raptors take ZERO DAMAGE. Why? Well, High Pounce and cunning strike both distract 50%. Since we have 4 raptors, the total is 200%. Rexy boss has a 50% distraction resistance, so it evens out to 100% distract.


we have defeated it with 2 pryoraptors and 1 proceratomimus

Me and my alliance have also defeated Trex boss with 3 x trex 15

The inostherium is there for the reason of mutual fury so we can speed it up a bit

this could work for almost anything
as long as it doest have high damage AND can cleanse
so cleansing rampage = bad

Yes, it would work for meg also except between the two cunning strikes we add a pounce.

Basically any fierce boss

Maybe even Mortem!

mortem has cleansing impact
so does indoraptor

Oh right 102929182