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Boss vs Boss battle strategies

I’m curious to hear everyone’s battle plans.

So far, I typically put Val in front just to activate plus 2 reverse twice and get 8 moves a turn.

Than swap to juggle (in the 3rd spot) and active/block. With all of the move points rolling in, it is a bit over.

I had a big block/reserve AI move that was unexpected and took out juggie once, but even with class disadvantage, omega could take out salamander. And Val the last.

It is all about the points.

I don’t have salamander unlocked yet.

What is everyone else doing?


Similar, I play class advantage when I can but activating Valkyrie ability seems to be a key spot for me, it just makes the rest of the battle that much easier with the extra moves. Also trying to take out an opponents creature either right before a special move activation or right after so they don’t get that much use out of it (omega before, and the others after, except salamander is one turn after).


My main focus is to not let opponent’s Omega revive… :woozy_face:


After playing about with the different boss powers I think I like juggernauts the most, each turn gets an additional attack boost and if you play it right you can sweep the opponents whole team with him.

Valkerie is pretty helpful to use at the start for the additional reserve points too.

And yeah as fury says I try to beat the omegas before they can use their pesky revives :joy:

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