Boss vs boss glitch

It’s a previously known issue that the battle screen sometimes freezes and doesn’t give you your action point bar . You’ve to restart the game to get back into it. It happens a lot more frequently in boss vs boss.

This happened to me just a couple of minutes ago and there’s the screen shot of just that above.
Then i restarted the game and encountered this weird glitch , it’s a lesser known glitch but not new.

Then something even weirder happened and neither I nor my opponent could deal any damage to each other. Here’s a recording.

Is there anyone who have already encountered it? Will the mods make the dev team aware of these glitches with boss v boss.


Thanks for providing those screenshots, Stapesh90!


That’s funny. It looks like the zombie glitch that sometimes happens in PVP, but this time it happened to the AI. I’ve never seen it happen to the AI. When it happens to you (your dino dies, but doesn’t move over), you just have to manually switch to another dino (costing you a move). With it happening to the AI though, I’m guessing you’re stuck.