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Boss vs. Boss - max attack competition

Thought this might be a fun community event.

Here’s my highest so far


Poor valk , getting slaughtered for a competition.


I use charge up of juggernaut three times and thats what happen… 4 milion attack!


After several turns of charging, with class advantage and attack of 10 points.


Holy cow!!

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My highest - I don’t even know how I got this high.


I don’t want to know how long that took to get to that attack


Record the battle, the video marks little more than 18 minutes; Although it was probably 15, I had to pause the battle for a few minutes. I was just doing tests to obtain the damage of a 9 and 10 point attack, it was a coincidence that I reached that damage and then they created this thread.

What is the multiplier at 9 and 10 attack?


these events are really fun tho

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Those two pictures suggest 32 for 10 attack.


According to the data I obtained:

9-point attack multiplies by 25.5

10-point attack multiplies by 32


Note to self don’t let your bosses attack go past 9,999,999 (I think that’s what it was) as it charged up again and went to zero…
And then started adding up again from zero

Updated edit, I think it might be 999,999,999 for a non advantage attack base

I didn’t want to chance it rolling over again:

It wouldn’t calculate more than the 2.4 attack multiplier :frowning:

This picture was before the next cycle of charge ups which clicked over and reset the attack to zero:


2.14 B attack. That’s something. Now next thing to do is attack before reaching max attack stat to check if that damage can be topped.

Just found out that the damage reached by sionsith is the max. It’s also the max attack stat possible after which it goes to 0. I reached this 2 times in a single battle. Took about 30 mins to do so. It helped immensely that when valk can one shot juggy , it gets stuck in 3 attack 5 block loop.
I recorded it the 2nd time in that battle.
Edit : video isn’t uploading so here are some screenshots.


I just found out you can’t do more than 10 attack . Anyone with salamander should check if we can do 10+ blocks.

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How did you get 12 points?

You can actually get to 13 points max imo.
The trick works because even if you use some action points for attack or defence before activating power move you can still switch.
I was 5% away from power move so i needed 1 action point to activate it so i used 2 attack then activated power move and then switched to Valkyrie . The reserves get added when you switch . So i had 4 attack and 8 action points . Tried to use all for attack but it didn’t register after 10 attack.

It doesn’t let me switch after activating a boss. But I have seen that the AI can.

I’ll take a picture in my next battle.

You cant switch if you use up action points, but if you just activate its power the switch should work.

I’ve done this with valk because his power move can carry over to the other bosses.

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