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Boss vs. Boss - max attack competition

Does it have to start at 100% or can that turns bonuses get you to 100%?

You’ve to use action points before activating the the boss power move . You can switch right after activating boss power move.

Here is a video with me switching after using 1 block and activating power move.

Here’s 10 attack with 3 action points remaining.

I believe that you can store points into the boost then activate and then your able to switch.

It has happened to me before where upon switching I am unable to and its greyed out, weird glitch as if I wait for a good 5 seconds and then re click on the creature I am then able to switch. Same thing must happen with you too.

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Wow that is a huge number. Maybe not record but still close enough :grin:

I did exactly 10 attacks, salamamder didnt go for any block. That poor lizard got absolutely destroyed!

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Now here’s something i wasted my time on. After the glitch i posted about earlier it was considerably faster as I did not need to block for most part. Still it took a while.

Starting at 0 attack , using 1 powermove and going to max attack stat of 2,147,483,647. At my juggy lv31 it requires me to activate powermove once after 37 already being active or twice after 34 already being active. As someone once said video or never happened. Here’s the proof : Jwtg - Mevue - Free Private Video Hosting With No Registration Required

Here’s the next turn going from 0 to 0 again. Jwtg - Mevue - Free Private Video Hosting With No Registration Required