Boss vs boss still with bugs

I haven’t tried boss vs boss for some time, mostly because I got tired of the glitches and second because I don’t really care so much about amber. I thought to give it a go again just to test out/remember the power moves, just in case we are lucky this weekend and are allowed to use the bosses in the boss event. But as before, the game froze a couple of times (before I remembered to turn off the fast forward button), making it necessary to close and open the game, and then I got this screen, not sure who I’m battling against. Well, I just continued blocking, and I won in the end. But I sure did not get any new motivation for starting playing these battles again. Unless the glitches are fixed.


I’ve never experienced any glitches with the boss battles and I do them all, but maybe I’m just lucky or your unlucky.

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I was the same as you. I thought I’d try a boss battle for the fun of it, but it crashed every time. The daily boss battles were okay, but it was the other ones that caused problems. I retire for now as well.

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Hi Elin_Ronne and Zero! Would you mind contacting our support team at with your support key so they can gather further info about this issue?

Thank you.

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The problem is with Valkyrie, if he switches after activating special move the Game gets bugged

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I have mostly been able to complete these events before Valk gets a chance to activate a move or I purposefully swap in Juggers to attempt to force the swap of Valk before it activates its move. It’s a “feature” that makes you have to think even harder on your strategy, like “okay how am I going to be able to do this battle to keep the game from crashing” type feature.

@Davy this issue is not account specific, or at least I highly doubt that it is.

Just like the match’s can’t keep track of the bonuses for when creatures die. For instance if I use seismic stomp from salamander and kill two opponents and then the opponent kills salamander. My next turn I should get the “my turn bonus”, 2 x “”opponent KO bonus”, and 1 “friendly KO bonus”. However I have yet to see this actually transpire, some times I get one opponent KO bonus, some times 2, but never get the friendly KO on top of it. In fact the “friendly KO” bonus is rare to actually capture it unless you haven’t killed an opponent on the previous turn.