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Boss vs boss

Salamander 16 can get to 100% damage reduction. I wanted know that and now I’ll lose the damn battle . So nobody else try this out.

This is where salamander got to 96% damage reduction.

Now there’s the invincible salamander 16 . I exited the game. I guess when i go back in i have to give up.


When i went back in this is what i saw. The health of salamander is reduced automatically.
Has anyone else noticed this.

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and there is 0 damage for some reason lol

There’s 0 attack of salamander also i no longer get 4 reserves each turn through Valkyrie’s power move. Tried to switch valk in to try to get to it again but to no avail.
Exiting and restarting game gave me my 4 reserves per turn again. I’ll try wasting some more time to find out what will happen
Edit 2 :
Salamander killed my juggernaut .

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Why are you letting Salamander get to 100% damage reduction?

This seems like a non-issue.

No way to combat this, cant wait to get salamander and try this out lol

I’m not saying it’s an issue . I just wanted to know if salamander 16 can get to 100% damage reduction. That’s why I let it , cause I do not have salamander 16 . I did find out and the game went whack a little bit after that.