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Bosses block supply boxes, coin chests and dinos

Have you noticed that a lot of boxes, coin chests and dinos were blocked yesterday by bosses, especially often by bajado boss and grypo as on attached Pictures? Even if it seems that grypo is far enough from coin chest it was impossible to get it. I’ve registered few movies with such à situation.

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Very annoying!

Baja is the worst b/c she doesn’t move around enough to give you a chance to hit the other items.

Yup they’ve known about this for a long time, claim to have fixed it but there’s little evidence of that.

All they need to do is remove the unnecessarily l large dinos from the map, replace them with raid strike towers. From these raid strike towers you then get a list of the raids for that day, you choose which raid then you invite people.

But the idea continues to be ignored, when it clearly resolves the hitbox issue, but they’d rather stick with the unnecessary over-sized dinos than go with this idea. :man_shrugging:

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I experience the same thing with grypolyth, baja and the old meglasuches raids. So annoying

I kinda like the look of the bosses roaming around/wouldn’t mind both options - but what they really need to do is integrate some sort of “layer” system to the map (i.e. Google) where you could toggle towers/bosses/sancs/etc. on or off so you can always get at the thing you’re trying to select.