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Bosses (our ideas series ep1)

Half credit goes to my friend

What happens if they added bosses … you could either play 4 randoms or solo( 4 random mode bosses are stronger) so lets get started.

So lets talk about the boss ideas. Lets take a t-rex as a boss. It will be lv1 boss which will have some 5000hp and 2000 atk. As each time you destroy it, it will get stronger.when you defeat a level you will earn some boss tokens ( I’ll explain later). Any buffs like gorgosaurus will go to all 4 players(even debuffs).Cleanse , regen, and evasive will aslo be given too. All four players will attack at the same time. Example( someone does a rampage, evasive, slowing, and buff at the same time).Now lets go to the goodies…

Still with me ???

So you will earn boss tokens, qith these you could buy event items (such as scents,dna ,or coins).We will add a new scents like lengendary, anklosaurus, or a teripod scent (another episode) depending on how well you go through the better the reward,(final prize is a premium incubator). You will have 3 attempts on the weekends. These events will come back every 2-3 weeks.

Well this is our big conclusion. IF you have ideas put them in the comments and subscribe to my youtube account jurassic gamer 2.0 (i have a dog with glasses). So meet me next time

Later dudes

Well Incubators are basically bosses and you get a lot of coin and dna so this is kinda just a remake of JWtG battles