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Bot battles disabled?

Has not battles been disabled? I’ve been getting bot battles after every two consecutive losses and now it’s gone. Is that on purpose? And are they going back further into season?

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I thought the same thing .
Over the past few days I’ve noticed that I don’t get a bot despite losing four or five in a row.
You would think there would be some form of communication wouldn’t you?

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I’m surprisingly still in Aviary although the bots have shown up after 3 or 4 losses yesterday. Have only fought people today and somehow got new high score 4646. Too bad all I can gain from it is Miragaia…

My wife being in ruins gets bot fights. I’m in aviary and don’t get ones

I don’t battle a lot except to get the daily’s when I need them but I haven’t lost more than two in a row in the last couple weeks. My trophy count is getting up again to where I can put together some fun teams that are not so great and drop back a little.

My strong winning team will only take me so far anyway. I haven’t quite plateaued yet. I did change out a couple of my dino’s for two others. I get bored really fast with playing the exact same dino’s.

The 1.9 change to a stronger “immue” meta will drive me to play a whole team of immue dino’s to see how the changes help or not. As of now, immune teams is a trophy dropping team where I play them for fun knowing I will lose yet able to still get a take down or two.

I’m still getting bot battles on my second account that’s in Jurassic Ruins. I lost two in a row yesterday and decided to stop playing for the day as I’d already maxed out the supply drops and completed the daily missions. I just battled a couple minutes ago and got a bot.

Weekends can be harsh :slight_smile: I’ve lost around 300 throphies and dropped from aviary to lockwood. There I’ve got bot battle instantly which allowed me to bounce back to aviary. It looks like bot battles are off in aviary - not sure if they are available in higher arenas… never been there :slight_smile: