BOT broken?


Around 18 hours ago, I couldn’t battle as the game kept freezing after the matching, no opponent dino showing out.

I tried to restart the game on iPhone X several times but was still on the same battle scene, able to pick move but unable to tackle.

I could battle twice this morning but faced only lv30 stegod and lv25 tryko of the current top 3 :sob::sob::sob:.

This glitch happened many times. PLEASE FIX IT!!!


Once you get above 6000 trophies there are no more bots. You can only play against ppl over 6000 or close to it.


Ah, thanks for shedding light. Just wonder with whom i was matched.

No trophies was reduced but this glitch is so annoying as it happened again and again. Every time, i needed to wait for a while to get back to the map.


You didn’t battle anyone. If you let the timer go for too long it will go to that screen if no one else is battling. If I don’t get a battle usually within like 30 secs. I back out and go back in till I get one


Got it! Thanks again.