Bot Encounters


Is it true that if you lose to real players twice back to back in Sorna Marshes, you’re sent to the bots? Lol I saw someone mention it awhile ago and I’ve been testing it. It seems to be true in my case but wanted to get some feedback. If this is really the case, why? I lost to a couple of real players and now I’m banished to level 30 bots? :confounded:


It’s true regardless the arena in you’re in. If you lose to players twice in a row, you face bots until you win. In the lower arenas, the bots usually have lower leveled dinos, as well as dinos you would never see in that arena, for example, Suchomimus in the Badlands. However, in Arena 7, if there’s not enough players, which is normally the case, you’re pitted against bots whose dinos are full Lv30. Granted their strategies are crap, but they still give you a good kick to the groin.


Uh i never encountered bots with lvl like that and im in arena 7. But they are lvl 22 _ 25 for me so i guess its from rank 3300 and up. So until then the bots are pretty doable, no legedary or uniques. Brains over brawns mostly. Bots can be lucky too sometimes


You’re not necessarily banished to the lvl30 bots but there does seem to be an pattern if you lose once, you get bots until you win and one of those bots might be unlucky for you. This happened to me when I made it sorna marshes and I got way high lvl bots that put me right back in lockdown. I ended up dropping arenas to get some of my dinos leveled better.


Yeah, I started encountering 30’s around 3600. At 3400-3600 or so, I usually run into 22-26.


I understand why bots exist, but level 30’s when I’m still in the 3000’s is absurd. How about similar levels to real people in the arena? Level 18’s - 24’s?


I keep fluctuating between 3000 - 3200 and have sometimes lost 4-5 times in a row, but can’t remember encountering any player with Lvl30 creatures or even bots (that I could easily identify. I heard the name should have IGN as a prefix in name/they use basic/unpredictable moves/use unconventional dinosaurs).

I however do encounter players with lvl20-22 creatures and few using Indo-Rex. Not sure if I am lucky or the bots I face are lower level due to my Trophy score being below 3200.


Just finished this battle. Lol, highlight is when I can’t select moves. :woman_facepalming:t2: