Bot Fighting Rant


Heya. Just wanted to express some saltiness over here:

I`m floating between 3600-3900 rating. Now, when i try to find an opponent for a duel, real humans are so difficult to encounter and almost always i get to fight a bot. And it always starts off with a set of lvl30s and then gradually goes down. The thing is, I have to fight them soooo often that it honestly is starting to put me off of the game.

I only play peak hours, hoping to catch more online players yet still i get stuck in a chain of 4-5 losses in a row until i get a beatable rng set of bot-saurs and then i fight a player or two and then the bot chain starts again.

I don’t mind waiting 30 seconds or a minute, if needed, for a duel, but i have not started to just kill the app whenever i encounter the bots - its just plain boring now. LV30 pyroraptor / rexy / nodopatosaurus are a no go to kill with lvl15-20 squad.

//rant over

Please try to figure something out about how this can be improved - maybe increase waiting time a bit, or don’t keep the user in a loop of bot-fights until they win or something else.


I recently read that 2 losses against humans means you face a bot until you win again.
It isn’t about who is around.


A suggestion from the Metahub (great site, recommend) usually works: Hit cancel if it takes more than 9-10 seconds to find you a (human) opponent and you can avoid bots. You may have to repeat this a few times, but it’s better than fighting bots with lvl 30 dinos!


Sooner or later you will face those lvl 30 bots. I think it is part of what the game is. You will need to create a team to beat those if you want to reach up higher in ranking. This is going to take time. For some a lot more the others.


This COMputer is full of love … why can’t you love them back? :rofl:


Thanks - I do use the cancel method already, but even then I end up facing bots after several cancelations.

However, the point is that this is brought to Ludia’s attention as it is a part of the game that can be really frustrating and I believe should be improved in some way - this would serve in the best interest of everyone.

I don’t mind facing these bots every now and then but it’s too damn often… And depending on RNG some are quite impossible to beat unless you have a team of lv25+ legendaries/uniques etc. so basically top 30-50players.

I cba to build a team only for the bots - their team changes so building a team vs RNG is pointless. Besides resources are expensive.


It got improved with one of the latest stealth updates, I think … the computers I encounter do not use their useless heal moves or other priority moves first. Even Baryonix is not using his buff first anymore.

So yeah, they improved them to make them even more strong. :rofl:


I shouted out im my attention topic about this, but it doesnt help If no one reacts to posts Like that. Then they Will just ignore it.


Yeah, Baryo Lv30 RTC+Rampage = 7226 crit hit. Or Nodopatosaurus lv30 6000 hp and hitting like a truck… or Pyroraptor lv30 - 3100hp + 3880 rampage hit… Or wait… Concavenator counter-attack for 1300 hit while boasting 5000hp of his own…


Or t rex oneshoting every dinosaur you put and whit 5100 life xd


the bots is a terrible way to deal with low amount of players in high arenas… I already input my idea, increase the incubator rewards at higher Arena’s mostly Arena 7… Perhaps even add a monthly reward for being top 500. Would certainly make people want to stay high level.


Getting real sick of fighting bots that are two times my level lol, you lose often against them and they really bring you down in score