Bot Fights for the Last 2 Hours - Let's Talk, Staff


Dear Ludia,

I am trying to like the Arena. I want to like it. However, I am down 200 medals from the last 2 hours of literally nothing but your bots. How do I know? Well…

  1. All fights were level 22 to 23 regardless of rarity. Always.
  2. All use moves that are not logical to a normal player (heal up when your bot is faster and could kill me with a basic?)
  3. Always “thinking”. A bot appears to “think” for 5 seconds max after you select a move, OR instantly chooses a move after 5 seconds have passed and then you pick a move. Wait the entire 15 seconds and watch. It will never stop “thinking” unless you pick a move first.

So here’s the deal. I know this post will fall on deaf ears. I have not seen a reply from a staff member that wasn’t a locked thread. If by some chance I do get a reply, can you please explain to me why you insist on using bots to make the Arena infuriating? No one, and I mean no one, benefits from this. Players get angry and stop playing. You lose money and the game slowly withers.

I like the game. I will support it… to a point. This though? No. 2 hours of unfair bots and -200 medals is unacceptable.

You want to keep bots in? Fine. Whatever. Want to make players happy? Either remove the bots or remove medal loss from losing to them. We, as players, will only tolerate this so much.

Part of the deal of having a forum is a discussion with players and staff. So staff, I hope to chat soon.



The rules for Arena 1 apply to Arena 7…it wouldn’t make sense to reach Arena 7 and “magically” stop losing trophies just because you’ve reached the final arena.

I’m just a player, but consider this rationale: with the 5,000 trophy maximum cap in place, there had to be some feature implemented in order to force players to work hard to reach the top. In this game, it’s high-level bots. If you were able to easily reach 5,000 trophies without a lot of hard work, people would not spend the time, money, and effort to reach the final arena. This is not to suggest that you must absolutely spend real money on incubators…I’ve played for free since the main release, with little intention of spending actual money. However, I also understand that I won’t rise to the top rankings or unlock new dinosaurs even remotely as fast as other players.

Again, while I understand your frustration, know that the game will undoubtedly update and provide new arenas, changing bot levels and the ways they interact with players. Best of luck, and happy hunting.