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Bot Group Suggestion

I was thinking that a better solution for bot groups would be for the game to choose 4 characters, at random, from YOUR roster, using the same levels/gear/etc. And, duplicates with the 4 random characters chosen for you would be OK.

It just seems like it would be more fair and balanced to play against bots using the same gear/levels as what you have rather than them being a level above you and wearing the best gear.

And, I know that there might be an argument that “since they’re controlled by AI, they should be higher level and/or better geared”; however, I don’t buy into that argument for the simple fact that this game is a lot like chess in that it’s not difficult to program the AI into always choosing the absolute best move for each character class based on all the variables. Sure, RNG plays a large role in this game – but, that affects both sides.

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I faced the same bot twice in one night. His trophies did not change. If they floated like ours ( I don’t know that they didn’t and he just ended up where he started), that would in theory match the bots up fairly.