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BOT Hades (Punishment for Losing): Suggestion


Losing twice and I turn to my wife and say, “Well, I’m in bot hell again.” Then i sit battling over and over and over those overpowered NPC teams, grinding my teeth as I suffer through a handful or two of chain deaths for a half hour or so. Sometimes I get lucky… and I mean lucky.

If maybe they made it 3 strikes and your off to Purgatory, we might have a better chance to live through the shredding raptors of sorts.

My suggestion for playing BOT’s is they face you up against a roll of 4 dino’s off your own team. Then we can claim we are somewhat fighting ourselves. Then no on can say it’s not fair. It would be different to face my own raptors I use. May be good, May be bad. This is worth throwing out.