Bot or hack?


I was doing ok on my first round then all of a sudden my choice of hits disappear and I was sat there doing zilch while my opponent carried on, whatever it is it needs to be fixed, I know it’s not my connection plus this player had no name :neutral_face: it’s not the first time either, it’s really quite boring when you’re geared up for battle and have taken time to put a good team together but are pinned to lose, Ludia, sort it out please!


It’s a bug that can happen with the connection between your phone provider and the game services. I’ve had it a happen a few times for a few arena matches.

Many will say it’s an exploit, but if it was it would be easily detected within the game logs that Ludia has access too and all they need to do would to search through the logs for the lines that show this exploit being used and small number of people will have their accounts banned.

But as mentioned in the first sentence it’s just one of the few bugs that are present and hopefully we’ll see it fixed in coming patches.


What i do in these situations is just to force close the game and restart it. You will continue where you dropped off, with the arena match, though your opponent will have the upper hand for the downtime restarting the game. I know my connection isnt the issue either, but it does seems like a well know bug, seei g how my friends and people on here gets it.


Here’s hoping eh? I know it’s a new game and a few hitches here and there but it does get annoying when you’ve got the upper hand and then you’re wiped out lol, thanks for your input :v:t3:


Yeah, I’ve had to force close a few games, hopefully in time with updates it’ll be sorted :ok_hand:t3: Apart from the few glitches I love this game :grin:


Doowie has in down to a tee! :+1::+1:


Hey Pantz6464, I’m sorry to hear about your dinosaur’s abilities disappearing in battle. If this happens again, try pressing the “Swap” button, then cancel the “Swap,” your dino’s abilities should reappear.
Also, a player’s name will appear as “Opponent Name” when it’s under review by our staff.

If you’re still having issues, reach out to our support team here at with your support key.