Bot players or "how to ruin a game"


I’m just wondering if you are taking actions to remove all this bot players? It looks like Pokémon go within the first few weeks. But luckily they got rid of the cheaters. But in JWA if you look at the ranking list… bot cheaters is the only thing you see. So please do something against this or you will lose players soon.


Are you positive they are bots?


Have you ever met a green or red dino? Yes? You are a lucky one. But do you believe someone has met enough red Dinos to have more than 7 red ones over level 20? Impossible if. It a bot is walking around for you 24/7 and get maximum catch at every dino he mets. Just look the higher ranks, Dino levels no real player can reach within the few days this game exists. It should be easy for the developers to detect and delete this accounts.


They might actually be players from the beta. They didn’t have all their progress removed–only docked–when the game launched.

I dooo also have to note that Pokémon Go is still riddled with cheaters. Only the scanners are currently down because they haven’t broken the hashing system on the 64-bit exe yet. Before that, though, the last estimate I heard was that 80% or more of active accounts were scanner accounts (ouch).