Bot? Please, help!

Nick Leviticus…

All my battles are against this nick almost every day… Why?!

Calling out another player is against the community guidelines. I’ll do you the service of not flagging, but consider removing this post.


Ok, I’ m sorry. I can delete my post. And what will you do with it? With this problem…

I want to fair play without Bots. Thank You…

is the name showing up in your recent opponent’s list? if so, not a bot. just somehow facing the same person multiple times (i’ve done that.)

Every day in every time? Other nick is very, very rare. Almost impossible… It is fraud, sorry…

How many people play this game? And i must play all my battles only against nick Leviticus? Sorry, I’ts nonsense… :-(((

I want to all rivals, not only one!!!

That doesn’t mean the player is cheating or a bot. End of story.

Where is mistake? Sorry, Leviticus…

This game is devalued…

Please, help me…

I dont want every battle against nick Leviticus!!!

And what is this mean? Bug JWA? Ok…

But I want to normal game… Normal battles… :frowning:

This probably just means you battle the same person a lot.
After a battle you can see in your friends tab who you recently battled. Just inspect to see if it’s an actual person.

I think, it will be real person… But problem will be in JWA… Or I have a virus on my cell phone… I dont know… :frowning:

Dude, just no.
No hackers, no bots, no viruses, no nothing. Just someone who plays a lot.
There’s no viruses that can do such a thing… viruses are just after your bank data.

Really? Ok, thanks… But I hoped, the game had more than one fighter L…

I play 80% battles against him… Nobody else? Its embarrassingly… :frowning:

Great, story Leviticus again… Its stupid in this game…

I dont know why… :frowning:

He is not Bot, probably… But JWA is incompetent… I am level 20, trophy count about 4900… It seems to by only 2-5 players with this count…

LOL, Leviticus again now…

Its “fantastic” game… :smiley:

And again… Nobody else… :slight_smile:

And now? I want to play, but nobody, nothing… If I try challenge mayby 15 minutes, I challenge Leviticus again? Why? Where is problem? Virus? Bot? I dont know, but I want to only play this game… :frowning:

@Ned @John ?
Anybody from support able to help swenik out? Theres been no response from support here for over 20 days.

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Thank You, I dont know, what is problem… I cant play PvP… Only this nick and three else cca… But nick Leviticus is top… :-))

I want to play PvP… Unfortunately only “FIGHT AL” and nothing… :-(((


Stupid game without PvP, sorry… :frowning:

I can’t get an opponent … I dont know why… :-((((

Searching for opponent! I read only it, every day, every time… :frowning:

Sometime Levicus or other nick (I cant post their names, but never more than three nicks). But practically never and nothing …

I want to only play… PvP, please…

That would be crazy infuriating. Hope you get the help you need :grin:

Just a suggestion but if your JWA data is connected to the cloud you could try deleting/re-downloading the app to see if that helps.

I once played the same player multiple times for two days. You’ll get someone else eventually