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Bot? Please, help!

That would be crazy infuriating. Hope you get the help you need :grin:

Just a suggestion but if your JWA data is connected to the cloud you could try deleting/re-downloading the app to see if that helps.

I once played the same player multiple times for two days. You’ll get someone else eventually


I wish I was and I’m not angry… :slight_smile:

I like this game, but…

Is your account flagged for spoofing? Zero trophies?
This really restricts your pool of opponents.

Hey swenik, if you haven’t already, please email our support team here at with your support key. Our team would be happy to take a closer look at your account to see why you might be only getting matched with the AI.


Where can I find out?
But it’s probably like that, I have a zero trophy pointer in my ali…

Why spoofing? :frowning:

Wait do you manipulate where your located. If so I think I know why you keep battling the same person.

So I’m a “black sheep” for JWA? So many months? Why?

This is not how it works, I play honestly, quite the opposite, others do not play so honestly …

And should I endure such pigs?

My son or wife play with many persons… But!
Only I get a minimum of players after a long wait, often the same …

And Trophy shows me really zero in the alliance …

Ok so it’s not that your cheating. People all the time play with multiple accounts so it’s just an issue with Ludia’s Player vs Player system. Hope the issue is solved for you :smiley:

Thanks, I have a problem prosecuting my account … :slight_smile:

Sometimes I help my son (his account), but very rarely…

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