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Both Epic Strikes changed rewards - what about those of us who did them early?

Earlier on both Epic Strikes gave the same rewards as all strikes did the previous week. Now they’ve been changed to the Valentine’s event rewards. Given that the Valentine’s rewards are MUCH better, it feels like I got punished for doing them early.


I did mine early and apparently got rewards from last years valentines event which means I got scammed out of some exclusive and very much wanted dna


Same, I was desperate for wholly rhino DNA for the hybrid and got useless Allosaurus GEN 2 DNA instead

I’ve got sino and trex DNA! I’ve done both epic strike first thing, as it was available!

The epic is ok for me but the rare… Yuckk…

I suggest that everyone file support tickets about the missed chances for Diplo and Wooly Rhino dna. It’s ridiculous that no one from Ludia has responded to this thread.


Happened to me also, I feel disappointed from that. My friends got great dna prizes and all i got is those not so wanted dna prizes like Charlie and so. :frowning:

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I got some sino too, what a bummer.

Got Sino and Trex as did both right after appeared. Sent support ticket.

Hey DPG members, if you didn’t receive the correct rewards from the Strike Event, could you please reach out to our support team at with your support key? Our team would be happy to help you.

Thank you!