Bots are Gone?


I’ve been noticing something in my drop down from reaching Sorna Marshes so I can better prepare for that arena.

Normally when a player loses 2 battles in a row, they face bots until they win. Bots normally don’t use dinosaurs well and often use dinos you wouldn’t normally see in high arena, such as Paras. Their names are also extremely weird and sometimes just jumbled letters, making it painfully obvious.

But in my drop downs, this hasn’t been happening. No bot would have a Lv15 Stegocera or a Lv12 Ouran and use it well. Einiasuchas, yes, but they almost never pick Ferocious Strike straight away. So I started paying attention to the names, and while I won’t provide screenshots because you’re not supposed to do that, none of the names are bot names; they’re all normal player names!

While I see this as a good thing as it’ll make it easier to drop down with Lv1 and Lv2 dinos, I see it as a negative thing to new players because bots in a double loss provided an easy win. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they removed bots so no one faces the dreaded Lv30 bots (though there’s controversy going on about multiple Trexes in one team and whether they’re a cheater or a bot). But this would explain the wild string of people complaining about a huge trophy loss (in which case, just drop down, gather dna and coins, and come back with a stronger team, it isn’t the end if the world; there’s only 8 arenas).

So next time you lose, whether on purpose or not, look at the player name. If it isn’t a jumbled mess or Opponent Name, you’re facing another player.