Bots are taking away my interest in arena battles


I was facing 5 bots in a row and each dinosaur was at least 8 levels higher, some where about 12 above mine.
That is just a ridiculous difference. That is not enjoyable at all. I cant find any reason why you face bots with dinosaurs that high. Please somebody tell me a good reason so I can somehow understand or accept it. For me it is just highly irritating, like I dont see any good reason for doing that.


How Matchmaking works (just for your information):

If you loose versus real players twice (in a row), you will face computers until you win once.


They need to debuff the bots at the very least, I was at 3300 something and I now keep getting matched with bots that have around lvl 20 dinos and it gets very frustrating that now I have been knocked down to 3030 and its dumb


Yup, I too am around that level 3200 - 3400 range and the bots I faced max lvl20-24 when I lost twice to real players :rofl:
But I am starting to enjoy battling bots because of the challenge and I got to battle different dinos that is NOT a Vraptor or other variants, Einiosuchus, Stegotops, or indominus.


Stopped battling for the night as I just faced Lv20/21 dinos which wiped the floor with my lv13/15 team.

Will try tomorrow morning when hopefully some humans are battling.


Bots have a poor strategy but stronger dinos. I have no problems with them but at higher battle rating I see the problem. The bots should atleast be reasonably levelled to your dinos. I. E. 5 levels higher max.


I’ve had several encounters against players that have all level 30 dinos. That’s definitely fake. It’s so unfair and not even the top 50 players are even close to that. This needs to be fixed!!! This is the person I came across and lost to. image|230x500


So many bots today! I should have just given up after the first few losses, but you know how it goes: lose some and then when you win one you feel you’re getting back your mojo. Don’t believe it, it’s a trap! LOL Down almost 200 trophies today. Finally got my incubator slots full again, but suffered great loss to do so.


How do you know if it’s a bot?


I cant view the picture


Yeah so when you stay above 3,500 the level 30’s come out. Makes me not want to play.


I know how it is with the bots. But the thing is why after losing? And only bots until you win if you keep losing at least 2 more times against the bots. Would make more sense to me if you win 5times in a row then you get only bots till you win or 3 wins in a row and one or two bots then


Because you’re supposed to be way stronger than these computers where you are, so giving you computers after loosing is an attempt to give you a free win.

Well, most players are underleveled for the area they are in.


I just reached 3517 and got butt killed by a lvl 32 Trex :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


You got a Screenshot? Or do you mean LV 23 T-Rex?

As far as I know it ends with LV 30 so far.


No, but it was lvl 32. Not 23, I could beat that. I used a lvl 19 pyro used armored pounce, and it’s HP was still higher than 3k. It killed me one hit. Threw in my lvl 21 raptor, pounce, and it HP was at 1800ish. Then it killed me. Threw in my lvl 20 allo, armored bite, but then the Trex killed that with one critical bite.


But I’ve fought and beat several Bots in that range and even higher and they were max LV 25.


I hate it to. However, my theory is that as there are level 26 players in the top 100… Ludia has to counter for this and that is why were also coming across these bots in the areana??


Funny, I mentioned on Facebook that the only way to improve is to spend money. Now I haven’t won a battle since. Dropped from over 3000 down to 2800. I


According to the Leaderboard, the top 4 players (as well as a fair contingent of the top 25 players) are level 20. I’m also persuaded to believe that many in the top 20 are hackers. Some are legit players, but not all. I mean, with all seriousness, who in their right mind has the coin to level Indoraptor up to level 26 this early in the game? Or an Indominus Rex and Indoraptor at level 27? :sweat:

I know nothing about programming video games, so I wouldn’t say with certainty that the higher-level players and hackers are causing these Ludia bots to appear at insanely high levels. However, I would argue that the bots serve as a means of pushing players to continue to level up their dinosaurs until new arenas are put in place–regardless of their strength and creature levels.

So for the time being, the bots are here to stay until there are updates. Issues like this occurred in JWTG, too, so it’s just a matter of being patient. Until then, happy hunting.