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Bots are too OP

Heres a breakdown of my daily battles:
Win 1-2 battles
Lose 2 in a row to droppers
Lose 2-3 in a row to bots
I am in Lockwood Estate and the bots here are waaay to OP for me. I think Ludia should add bots based on your trophies, creature level, etc. like matchmaking but with the AI in arenas. Please see this post mods, I am sick of dropping down 300+ trophies due to unfair AI battles


But… You aren’t supposed to lose trophies to bots.


Well I do. They have level 22-23 uniques and I have a level 17


Yeah the bots in lockwood estate are kinda OP.


U lost trophies to AI? You sure those are AIs? U are not suppose to either gain or lose any trophies battling AI. This is a Serious bug if that is the case.


When i battle with AI, I never lose or gain trophies @DinoTyrant

No that’s called pity AI. Most players half their salt know about that

They give no pity to me

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Wowwwww, learn something new everyday …

In lockwood estate after you lose like2 or 3 battles in a row you will get super boosted uniques and legendaries.

Isn’t the case of existing 2 kinds of A.I.?

  • A.I. that you choose to battle with, after jwa can’t find a match with human (button appears). This one you don’t loose or gain/win/earn (sorry about translation) trophies.
  • A.I. that server set up after you loose battles in a row. This one you loose or gain/win/earn (sorry about translation) trophies.



Dude I have trouble speaking English and I’ve never left America


My case is the 2nd type


let me clarify 1 thing too:

A.I. never uses emotes, right? if i send one and opponent sends another, can i presume it’s human?


Yep! And if you score 2 takedowns before they get 2, they will start swapping in and out. Also, they do their moves at the same time each turn


mmmm, i was hoping that thor i faced today at low library was a bot… a lvl 29, 147 speed thor.

but they sent me an emote, so it was human. i don’t remember if i lost twice before facing that.

but hey. we STILL have a.i. swapping bug? :scream:

These are the bots you fight in estate

These are actually the easier ones to deal with

I agree, I’m in the same position. I can very easily get on a losing streak to the “Pity” AI in Lockwood Estate. It’s not fun with my team of unboosted level 16 and 17 dinos when the AI constantly pulls out level 23 to 25 Ardentismaximas, Magnapyritors, and Erlidominus. Each one being boosted. I just wish it was more evenly matched because I basically automatically lose at this point due to their damage output being way too high on top of their health boosts.

I kinda dread the point where I’m ready to level up my team and venture higher in the arenas cos it just gets worse.


That’s still counterable since they play as bad as possible.

The pity AI swapping their 3rd dino is the only reason I still win against them. Lvl 23-25 boosted uniques are no joke. Went into aviary with my dino’s lvl 17-18 on average.