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Bots before the timer got to zero?


So I tapped battle to fill an inc spot, but wanted to cancel after my wife called for my attention. When I tapped cancel, nothing happened. Screen froze. Time: 205 seconds to go.

Immediately closed app and restarted and poof in a battle. Restart was 30 seconds tops.

After the 2nd Alankylo swapped in, it was pretty clear it was a bot. I won, no trophies.

So… why after a glitch but well before the countdown zeroed?


This has happened to me as well but my bot had multiple draco gen 2… like you i managed to win and got 0 trophies.


Had a bot yesterday (I soloed with my L18 monostegotops!) It had:
L24 Velociraptor
L23 Arambourgiania (kept swapping to it)
L22 Quetzalcoatlus (kept swapping to it)
L23 Brachiosaurus

And won 3 trophies! :joy:
Oh and yes, I don’t have a 240 second countdown when starting a battle.